Established in 1679 • More than 337years of experience


What does ‘Eichbaum’ mean??

It means ‘oak tree’ in german. It derives from name of founder of Eichbaum.


-  Awards in 2017 -  2017 German Federal Awards -  2015 Craft beer awards -  Bundesehrenpreis awarded
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Eichbaum PRODUCT

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Stephans bräu Premium Lager
Germany 500ml / 4.2%

Great flavor with high malt and hop content, less alcohol and bitter taste. Easy to drink.

Manheim Central Station the center of traffic
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Stephans bräu Premium Pilsner
Germany 500ml / 4.9%

Strong body and bitter taste.

University of Manheim. Originally used to be a castle, now changed into college and is famous for beautiful campus in Germany.
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Stephans bräu Premium Hefeweizen
Germany 500ml / 5.2%

High malt content. Soft and fresh.

Manheim water tower. was completed in 1980 and is the symbol of Manheim. 60m high bronze statue is called the god of the sea. Poseidon’s wife.
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Red beer  
Germany 500ml / 5.9%

The red color and cream bubbles of the Dry malt are the highlights of the Red Beer.

The extract of the dried malt provides a unique red color. Unfiltered beer tastes of bittersweet, caramel-like sweetness.

Durlacher Dunkel
Germany 500ml / 5.3%

The symbol of brand came from traditional design of Bavarian. It is Realizing the Bavarian spirit. Characterized by deep dark flavor.

Durlacher weiss
Germany 500ml / 5.3%

The symbol of brand came from traditional design of Bavarian. It is Realizing the Bavarian spirit. Characterized by Golden color and banana flavor.

Apostel Pilsner
Germany 500ml / 5.0%

Produced since 1713. Apostel was the name of brewery. Characterized by a strong bitter taste.

One of the largest, most reliable, most responsible, fastest growing business groups of Cyprus

PPB (Photos Photiades Breweries)

Group PPB and Carlsberg

-  Same raw materials as Carlsberg -  Specially developped yeast just for Leon beer -  It is produced solely with the use of natual ingredients such as water, malt and hops without the use of any additives, preservatives or GMO materials.

Where is Cyprus?

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re_Leon 6pack.jpg LEON beer
Cyprus 500ml / 4.5%

About Leon beer

-  Same raw materials as Carlsberg -  NON GMO materials. -  No Additives. Specially developped yeast just for Leon beer -  Distinctive bitterness and German hop notes. -  Speicial aroma and fruity flavour -  Pleasant refreshing taste with a rich head, bright and clear color

Award winning at the international taste & Qualtity Institute(iTQi) in 2013 & 2016

Cyprus VENUS
Cyprus 500ml / 5.0%

사이프러스의 해변에서 탄생한 것으로 알려진 미와 사랑의 여신 비너스를 모티브로 만든 맥주.

신선하고, 향긋한 과일 향이 나는 화이트 맥주로 사이프러스의 향기로운 숲과 같은 오렌지 아로마가 특징.

Cyprus 500ml / 5.0%

시원한 바다를 상기시켜주는 바다의 신 포세이돈을 모티브로 만든 맥주.

강한 탄산, 두터운 거품과 함께 구운 맥아향이 느껴지고, 마신 후 입안에 상쾌한 홉의 쓴맛이 남음.